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Woodco Learn more about the key members of WoodCo, their roles and how they can better assist you. Peter was born in Minister, Sheppey, County of Kent in Southern England. He graduated from school in 1981, having achieved examination grades from the University of Cambridge and Oxford. He also achieved the Institute of Carpenters Examination at Associate Level and received a National Certificate in Building Studies.

Having visited Texas and other areas of the USA in the 1990's, Peter and his wife Jackie relocated their family to San Antonio. He became a manager of a small business under the WoodCo name. In 2005, he took full control of the business and today, he continues to expand WoodCo. He is happy he can share his drive and success with his family. He currently serves as CFO with further responsibilities in the areas of Sales and Administration.

Pronounced (War-rick), is the eldest son of Peter and Jackie George and quickly followed in his family's footsteps. Warwick achieved examinations with the University of Cambridge, graduating in 2003, before moving to the United States with his parents.

WoodCo is a leading custom wood flooring manufacturer with five generations of wood knowledge and expertise. We manufacture everything wood including but not limited to: hardwood flooring available in standard or custom sizes, custom wood stair parts to match your hardwood floors, wood wall boards, reclaimed wood beams, mantels, and lumber. We specialize

Here at WoodCo, our mission is "Enhancing your designs with our expertise and personalized service". WoodCo is actively searching for people who value honesty, building long-term business relations and individuals who love working together to benefit not only their clients, but families and communities. For the past 15+ years, WoodCo has created an

WoodCo is a supply only company, we do not do any installation. However, depending on your location and project we can refer an installation company to you. Please contact a salesperson to discuss. Although this seems to be a common thought it is not true. Yes, we have several options depending on what accreditation you have and what Trade you are in

View our collection of different woods, from reclaimed to sustainably grown we have a large variety. Hickory/Pecan is a sturdy hardwood lumber with an interesting mixture of character and grain patterns. A very durable lumber, decay resistant, rot resistant as well as resistant to most insects. Teak lumber requires little.

Why have three separate tools when the DeckWise(R) Drill & Drive tool does the work of all three? Quickly install deck screws up. With the new DeckWise(R) Self-Drilling Heat Treated Deck Screws, there's no pre-drilling required for face screwing or hidden deck fastening. Our specially engineered. With the Ipe Clip(R) Hidden Deck Fastener system by DeckWise

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