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Clean Air Flooring Removal Until NOW, flooring removal has been an unhealthy, messy, disruptive and a time consuming process!.not anymore. Clean Air's process is SAFE, FAST, DUST-FREE, and NEW-FLOOR READY when completed. Visit www. Now in San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. Clean Air Flooring Removal focuses on the proven 5-step DUST FREE system by CONTAINING, COLLECTING and FILTERING the material so it will not impact your home or family for months to come.

We have seen the effect of how much this dust can impact a home, family health, or business with the traditional methods. We have spent the last seven years perfecting this process and are excited to offer this healthy alternative to the tired unhealthy methods used today. Remodeling with new tile and hardwood floor is an exciting investment and upgrade to your home or business.

Removing the old flooring should not be a messy disaster!

We make it easy to work with us. We strive to be as flexible as possible, fast, and to keep your health and peace of mind in tact through the entire process. Clean Air Flooring Removal offers a well organized, professional and innovative approach to flooring removal. We hold integrity as our ideal and simply put, we are committed to doing what we have

We COLLECT at point of origin which gives us direct control over the dust released into the air. We MONITOR the air quality in your home with commercial grade digital meters. We CONTAIN the dust collected with our high powered vacuum system and remove it from your home. The impact caused at point of origin will at times launch and will cause incidental

Filter, Monitor and Collect the Dust created in your flooring removal. We COLLECT at point of origin which gives us direct control over the dust that is released into the air. We also FILTER the air and remove up to 3000sft per minute through our patent pending filtration system. We MONITOR the air quality in your home with our digital meters. In nearly

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