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With 20+ years of experience in the industry; offering quality concrete solutions, first-rate customer service and great value!. We offer decorative concrete solutions that are focused on design and durability. All of which aim to create better homes, more competitive businesses, and stronger communities. Stunning & Sensible Decorative Concrete Surfaces - Stamped Overlays, Staining, Epoxy Coatings and more!.

Cincinnati Concrete Artisans is an experienced concrete contractor that offers a variety of decorative concrete solutions that can enhance the aesthetics of your floors at an affordable price. Cincinnati is rich in architectural treasures. In fact, it has been called "Paris of America" because of ambitious building and house designs. It is common to see brick walls, wood paneling, and other high-end materials designed so luxuriously.

Did you know that you can imitate that same beauty on concrete floors? When it comes to decorative concrete coatings in Cincinnati Ohio, you can rely on us.

No matter which angle we look at it, a pool deck is an important part of the entire pool area. It is a place for lounging, sunbathing, outdoor activities, and more. It is the gateway to the swimming pool. A concrete pool deck may not be the ideal material in the past, but it has achieved prominence now as an extremely versatile material. Decorative

Warmth and comfort are appropriate to describe an indoor living space. Since patio is an outdoor extension of that living space, it should also be cozy and comfortable. You can't have that with a patio that is out of shape. The concrete surface is one of the important elements that need to have good form and function. If the patio shows signs of wear

When you think of garage floors, the most common thought that comes to mind are dirty and dented with traces of grease and paint stains all over. Although we have come to accept that garage floors are meant to be this way, decorative concrete floor coating provides solutions that show otherwise. Concrete floor coatings and overlays can transform drab

Concrete issues can be quite frustrating especially if it affects your daily life. Damage on interior floors immediately ruins the idea of comfort that the indoors should supposedly have. Cracks and stubborn stains are both an eyesore and a safety hazard. Most homeowners cover concrete floors with carpets, wood boards, tile, and other materials, hoping

A commercial space is a huge investment for any business or company. It is a tool that could help entice potential customers and maintain regular ones. However, business owners know how much of their finances would be required to actually enhance the space, like better commercial flooring. Sure, concrete is the most affordable material out there, but

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