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We'll admit we have a more-than-healthy affinity for carpet! FloorEXP is a Creative Flooring Agency focusing on custom and branded floor coverings for experiential marketing campaigns, expos, tradeshows, corporate events, retail & commercial marketing, and gym/fitness facilities. We can create custom floor designs with carpet, turf, vinyl, or even hardwood.

But we won't complain if you want to mix it up and try on a different material for size. Our company's roots start back in 2012. We've built ourselves from the GROUND up, literally. While some say, "the sky's the limit, " and "never look down, " we like to think it all starts there. Custom flooring is a game changer, when it comes to showcasing your business and brand.

You only have a matter of seconds to capture your audience's attention, a bright, creative, custom design, that draws attention and gets you remembered, is what we pride ourselves in creating. We will help you capture your audience's attention and be unforgettable. In a few simple words, we love what we do and we actually care about getting things perfect for whatever vision you may have.

At FloorEXP we listen, we engage, we embrace your idea, your design, your brand or logo, producing the most innovative custom flooring in the industry. Elegant, playful, subtle or bold, FloorEXP works with you building your concept from the ground up. FloorEXP is about EXPERIENCES. From experiential campaigns to expos, events to retail marketing, using

Whether you're working at a pop up event or on a TV set, you spend a lot of time standing around. Our foam backing prevents fatigue and helps keep your feet feeling fresh! The hardwood look is of course a classic, but make your EventFlex SHINE with our 2 high-gloss finishes, or our 3 solid-color matte finishes. EventFlex is anti-microbial and can be

Our extra dense nylon pile looks and feels like a putting green underfoot, without the worry of damage. Sturdy carpet Action Backing eliminates wrinkles and allows the turf to lay flatter for a more professional installation. FloorEXP specializes in custom work that is not printed or painted. Our craftsmen actually hand-inlay the design using different

Ok, so you've seen some of our work and you think we might be a good match for you. We're pumped! You're probably wondering what's next and how we'll make good on our promise to put anything you can imagine or design into carpet or flooring. The good news is that even though there are several steps ahead of us, we are known for being extremely responsive

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