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Advanced Commercial Flooring Advanced is dedicated to finding the right "value for the dollar" solution for every customer, as no two buildings have the same issues, requirements or solutions. There are many quick and inexpensive fixes to these numerous problems, however, they are seldom the long-term solutions they claim to be.

Commercial flooring installations have become extremely complicated over the last 10 years as construction schedules have tightened up, concrete finishing and add mixes are negatively affecting flooring products, new innovations in carpet and resilient are not allowing the concrete to breathe and the polymers in flooring and adhesives are changing with technology.

With 30 years' industry experience, Advanced is here to help simplify the process by educating our customers on product construction and the newest technology and how these correlate to their budgets and performance.This assures expectations and budgets meet, producing a simple and pleasant process.

During our 30 years in the flooring industry, Advanced has developed processes to simplify all aspects of your flooring process, including establishing budgets, product selection, scheduling, delivery, furniture moving, demo and disposal of existing materials, installation and maintenance.

Advanced Commercial Flooring partners with the world's foremost flooring manufacturers to provide you with products that enter the market with an environmentally friendly approach, design and style. We are constantly striving to find the most advanced sustainable materials that solve today's sick building syndrome and environmental issues. Environmentally

Carpet tile, also known as carpet squares or modular carpet, provides flexibility with style, design, and performance. It is also extremely versatile and durable, making it the perfect choice for commercial locations. Freedom of design. Modular carpet is a modern and stylish alternative to standard carpet rolls, and the freedom of design gives depth

Due to being on a single large roll, broadloom carpet gives a seamless appearance, making rooms appear larger. The more homelike your hotel is, the higher your reviews will be. Due to the comfort that broadloom carpet provides, it's the perfect option for the hotel industry. Like the hotel industry, you want the space that you're renting to be as comfortable

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) can look like wood, stone, ceramic, and many other finishes and textures. Advanced Commercial Flooring offers tiles in nearly any color and pattern, so you can find a style that fits your taste. We also provide unique installation - brick fashion, diagonal, etc. - for custom floor designs. Vinyl tiles

Commercial walk-off matting keeps soil and contaminants at the door and away from your expensive flooring. The style, material, and installation options for walk-off matting are endless, making them perfect for any type of business. Walk-off matting provides traction for potentially slippery and dangerous building entrances. Replaceable doormats keep

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