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Garagewerx can turn your garage into a beautiful and versatile area that is easy to clean, store items, slip-resistant, chemical-resistant and more! We are here to educate you on garage remodel options and the differences between coating products so you can make an educated decision as to the best products to use, regardless of which installation company you choose.

Let us help with your garage makeover! Our coatings are designed to hold up in the most rigorous and heavily used environments. From airplane hangers to warehouses with forklift traffic and auto dealerships, our floors hold up under heavy foot and vehicle traffic. You can have confidence that floors which are built for industrial and commercial use will last years in residential environments.

We also do overhead storage racks, concrete treatments, slatwalls, and custom cabinets - check out all our services today! The work done was on my patio and it looks brand new. I had my garage floor done a couple of years ago so that I could maintain it more easily and it takes little effort to keep clean.

Here at Garagewerx, specialize in concrete floor restoration and resurfacing, with an advanced polyaspartic/polyurea coating for a variety of flooring types. Through years of experience and extensive research, we have selected products that ensure long-term durability and performance. We can use these coatings on all types of floors, including those

Garagewerx crafts seamless epoxy garage floor coatings that are used in residential and commercial garages, shops, basements, bathrooms, and other applications. These floors will enhance and beautify your space so that it is warm and inviting, easy to clean and maintain. For garages and shops, our chemical- and abrasion-resistant top coats will protect

Have your garage floors seen better days? Maybe they're dirty, grimy, dull, or worn. No matter the issue, our team at Garagewerx can help! We offer concrete polishing to help restore your garage floors, which will have them looking better than ever. Reach out to our team at Garagewerx to learn more about our concrete polishing and garage floor options

Did you know you can now customize your floor with your favorite brand, team, player, or most any other icon or logo you like? You can even customize it with a photo of your favorite NFL player or NASCAR driver! Customizing your garage flooring adds warmth and personality to your home and the space you're improving. Here at Garagewerx, we offer a selection

Whether you're storing tools and equipment that help you take care of your home or you're trying to keep your warehouse better organized, the garage storage systems at Garagewerx in Dallas have you covered. From customizable cabinets to slat walls, we provide a variety of solutions that fit your budget and your storage needs. We use CAD to map out different

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