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Outback Hardwoods Continuity and longevity: Still based at our same warehouse in Portland, Oregon, Outback Hardwoods is an independent, family-run lumber and flooring company, providing solid and engineered flooring, and domestic and exotic lumber and decking. Our "backyard": We ship our flooring and lumber throughout the West Coast states of America, and have long experience shipping into Hawai'i and West Coast Canada.

Outback Hardwoods is owned and operated by the Nolin family's PDN Hardwoods (LLC), affiliates of Hurford Hardwoods / Oak Wise Inc, with over 30 years' knowledge and experience in the lumber and flooring industry on the West Coast USA. OUR GOAL is to bring direct to you quality Hardwood Flooring, Lumber, and Decking that are Sourced from Sustainably Managed Forests.

The Outback Hardwoods team is ready to help you with your Flooring and Lumber needs. Contact Phil, Donna or Joe for all your hardwood needs. Serving Oregon, California, Washington, Hawai'i and the western states of the USA and Canada since 1990, we are able to source globally from accredited flooring and wood producers.

Buy genuine, buy ours: Our Outback Flooring engineered Australian hardwood flooring. Outback Hardwoods (LLC) of Portland, Oregon, is the Nolin family's independent affiliate of Hurford Hardwoods USA, serving Oregon, California, Washington state, Hawai'i, and the western states of the USA and Canada since 1990. Availability and pricing of our flooring

From "Down Under": Solid and engineered Australian Cypress flooring; Australian Cypress lumber. Australian Cypress has become very popular in the USA over the past 20 years and we were part of its introduction into America back in 1991. The species: Callitris glauca is a conifer native to the eastern states of Australia, mostly in inland New South Wales

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