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Policrete offers you a variety of colors in 4 different styles that allows you to choose your desired flooring installation modern: Cement, Polished Concrete, Fusion and Marble Liquid Porcelain. Policrete puts you in contact with professional flooring installers who will support you in your project to obtain floors that will have a microcement, polished concrete or marble finish.

Policrete is a liquid porcelain technology based on a multilayer system that is used in covering existing floors, walls and other surfaces for which quality and high resistance products are used. It is manufactured with ISO9000 components; which makes it ideal and suitable in obtain modern and elegant styles which will suit the taste of the owners of residences, companies and industries.

Policrete offers products and supplies for covering floors, walls and countertops with the most advanced technology that gives greater value to your projects, and you are able to apply them to any existing surface without the need for demolition or municipal permits.

Defending the United States of America, especially during these difficult times, is our duty. At POLICRETE we are proud to be part of a large community of companies and private initiatives that promote the manufacturing and consumption of products made in the United States. In the United States, we care about making safe and high-quality products, produced

Policrete lifestyle comprises of the most advanced technology for floor and Wall coating that furnishes homes and businesses with a warm and modern appearance, giving rise to a more pleasant environment. Under this Policrete lifestyle is an ideal, which is the Policrete University. Policrete University is a learning platform where flooring installers

Policrete is a liquid porcelain technology that manufactures products with high quality and resistance, these products are used based on a multilayer system for the installation of floors, walls and any hard surface; obtaining modern styles such as microcement and polished concrete. Policrete Liquid Porcelain Technology manufactures and distributes

Policrete outshines its counterparts because of its quality, resistance, beautiful finishes and economy. When compared to other floor finishes, Policrete is the ideal alternative to cover the floor of your home or office with as it offers a good economic performance compared to TRADITIONAL FLOORS. This helps you save up to 30% in installation costs

Policrete gets you in contact with independent flooring installers who have been certified by our company and are experts in liquid porcelain floor covering, providing different finishes or styles such as Cement, Polished Concrete, Fusion or Marble. We offer you the most advanced technology in liquid porcelain coating in your home or office. It can

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