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Looking For an Epoxy Flooring Company to Add Value, Safety and/or Beauty to Your Concrete Surface? Use of epoxy coatings in the Sacramento CA area is probably one of the most versatile and durable products in the concrete flooring industry. There are a wide variety of applications and uses for epoxy coatings including coatings that can also be used as vapor barriers over concrete slabs and foundations in new construction.

The variety of colors and patterns available make epoxy an ideal material for both commercial floors and retail flooring. In places where there is heavy foot traffic like small business offices, shopping centers, commercial restrooms and hotel floors, the use of concrete flooring epoxy provides wear resistance, as well as a safe surface for diverse customer needs such as those with disabilities, young children, and the elderly.

With the addition of textures, your concrete floors can become slip-resistant with improved safety for customers and employees. Commercial flooring also needs to offer not only durability but safety to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Here at IZ Creative Concrete, we CREATE a complete transformation of the scientific makeup of concrete and the way it is mixed, poured, and applied. In most cases, epoxy coatings for concrete floors encompasses the use of a variety of materials such as protective sealers and coatings. Whether you choose to enhance the entryway of your office building

If your looking to add beauty, style and value to your interior concrete you've come to the right place. We at IZ Creative Concrete have been transforming residential concrete for over fifteen years. From epoxy garage floors & walkways to custom epoxy kitchen areas, we're an epoxy concrete company that has the skills, tools and manpower to get the project

Epoxy flooring for homes & condos has become a popular option both for interior and exterior home remodeling projects. This is due to epoxy's versatility, durability, and its superior resistance to weight, traffic, stain, scuff, moisture, and chemicals. Residential epoxy floors are also durable, wear resistance, and have a wide variety of design options

Our custom epoxy countertop resurfacing techniques are a revolutionary way to transform old granite or laminate countertops into custom works of art. Our epoxy countertop installation is top of the line and is scratch, scuff and heat resistant and super easy to maintain. IZ Creative Concrete can create gorgeous, one of a kind countertops that is sure

Applying an epoxy to a garage floor is one of the most popular residential epoxy flooring applications. You can choose from a variety of epoxy colors & styles and watch your garage be transformed into a beautiful flooring that you'll be proud to showcase. We can match your garage floor epoxy color to your car, the walls, or even your man-cave theme

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