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Epoxy Flooring Tulsa Want to transform a dusty and stained garage floor into a clean, seamless, and colorful surface? Need a commercial floor system that's built to take a beating yet remain clean and professional-looking for areas of your business open to the public? Epoxy coatings in Tulsa, Oklahoma can meet these needs and more. An epoxy floor coating in Tulsa is a unique liquid-applied floor system made up of hardeners and resin.

These components chemically react and bond with a prepared concrete floor surface to produce an incredibly strong plastic material that actually has a higher tensile strength and weight capacity than untreated concrete. Epoxy flooring also delivers a seamless surface to make your concrete floors nonporous for safety and protection. Our epoxy flooring contractors make it easy to bring your vision to life with custom epoxy floor coatings with any color, pattern, or effect you can imagine.

Along with epoxy floor coatings, Glossy Floors also offers other cost-effective concrete solutions.

Commercial, industrial and residential flooring all have one thing in common, the endless possibilities with a concrete coating. We ask a lot out of our flooring. We bombard it with harsh chemicals, drop things on it and ages the worst from all of the traffic it endures. Not all flooring can keep up with these immense demands, well not like a concrete

Sometimes your concrete starts showing its age in the worst ways possible: stains, cracks, peeling, abrasions, etc. So, what do you do? You need to give us a call today. Our Tulsa team is one of the most talented and dedicated groups around. With our experienced and licensed contractors, your floors will be brought back to their youthful years. Your

No matter what your concrete flooring needs to be able to perform. While most flooring systems can last decades, there are two types of concrete, concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. This is where our concrete resurfacing systems come in. Resurfacing your concrete is the affordable alternative to pouring a new slab and is recommended

In a commercial facility, the flooring has to be able to withstand some pretty harsh conditions such as heavy foot traffic, impact from heavy objects and harsh chemicals. Not all flooring can last very long in this environment, but our commercial epoxy flooring has made a name for itself in these conditions. We are proud to say that we can and will

Flooring in your home needs to withstand everything that daily life can throw at it such as rowdy children, dirty animals, and even flooding. Hardly any ground surface alternatives meet these extraordinary requests like epoxy flooring in Tulsa, OK. As a nearby innovator in ultra-solid and stylish residential epoxy flooring arrangements, we introduce

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