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Extremely durable, stain resistant, long lasting, and highly customizable flooring system. Highly reflective, great for high foot traffic areas, chemical and slip resistant explain the popularity of epoxy industrial environments. Many people wonder whether epoxy floors are safe in many different ways, for example, customers want to know if the fumes and chemicals produced by epoxy coatings while being installed are toxic and whether or not these floors are safe when wet.

The answer is yes, epoxy floors are highly safe in both circumstances. The fumes are not toxic and are in fact safe for animals and children once the coating has dried. Just like paint from any local shop, epoxy must dry before it is used and should not be directly inhaled. Epoxy floor coatings offer families and business owners longevity and durability and rates starting between $3-12$ per square foot.

So, not only are epoxy floors going to last for many years, but they will not cost much to do so. With the ability to resist many forms of damages, epoxy floors are the best way to go.

We know how tough the environment can be in commercial facilities, so we know that you need a tough flooring that can stand up to these conditions. With our commercial epoxy flooring in Missouri, you can have just that! But we want to save you some time so we have outlined only the most popular benefits of our commercial epoxy systems down below for

If you're looking for the most qualified concrete polishing company in Missouri and the surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. More and more people, both commercial and residential owners, have flocked to the polished floor's design because of the quick, efficient, and affordable qualities the floors have. Our polished concrete floors

Ready for a new flooring but are you tired of getting subpar flooring from the other guys? No matter where our epoxy floorings are placed, whether it be in a home or in a factory, all of our clients have one thing in common. Everyone loves our epoxy floor coatings! Below are only a few of our most popular epoxy floor coating that has benefits that everyone

Incredibly versatile and unique flooring that aids your basement and the frequent temperature changes that occur because the room is located underground. Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardeners that cure to your concrete floor to create a strong and resilient surface that lasts for many years and looks great while doing so. Epoxy basement floors are

Is it time for a new garage floor coating or time for your first? Don't listen to the other guys trying to sell you a subpar flooring option, let us tell you the cold hard facts about our garage floor epoxy systems, it will be a clear choice which is better! Before our past clients knew about our epoxy garage floor coatings, they were tired of their

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