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Surface Solutions Surface Solutions is a Specialist in high performance flooring for the Food & Beverage Industry. We provide flooring solutions nationwide and are capable of fulfilling any flooring need, regardless of size. At Surface Solutions, we understand that your business needs come first. Choosing us as your industrial flooring provider ensures expert advice and the high standards of efficiency to minimize down time during the installation process.

We have a full line of epoxy flooring systems designed to create a reliable foundation for your enterprise. Surface Solutions, Inc. are looking for hard working, competent individuals to join our ever growing work force. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Apply online for open positions. Surface Solutions is your leading provider of industrial flooring solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry.

We also service many other Industries. Backed by years of experience, our industry-specific experts will guide you in the selection of the best product for the unique needs of your environment.

Surface Solutions, Inc. is an award-winning industry leader in the installation of seamless resinous flooring systems designed for industrial and decorative applications. As an independent flooring contractor, Surface Solutions is a specialist in high-performance flooring for the food and beverage industry with Fortune 500 and name-brand companies as

Surface Solutions, Inc. is an independent industrial floor contractor specializing in seamless, polymer flooring systems utilizing the most trusted brands in the industry. Backed by years of experience, our industry-specific experts guide you in the selection of the best flooring product for the unique needs of your environment. The difference with

Surface Solutions' team of expert consultants and installers have the resources to solve all of your industrial flooring needs. We are an independent flooring contractor which means we utilize flooring systems, materials and resources from the best manufacturers in the business. Ucrete/BASF has designated Surface Solutions as certified master contractor

When applied to concrete, epoxy creates a protective layer of protection which enhances aesthetics and hardens the surface. Epoxy systems are exceptionally diverse and can be engineered to meet the unique demands of nearly any facility. Although epoxy flooring systems perform well in a number of environments, epoxies are not recommended for many facilities

Surface Solutions is an industry leader in the manufacture and installation of epoxy resinous flooring systems. Regardless of the application, solution or specific flooring system you need, we can provide the perfect epoxy resinous floor that is formulated and designed to meet your specific requirements.

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