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Legno Bastone started five generations ago in the late 1800's when Luigi Bastone first started by cutting down his own trees. The same family runs the company to this very day. Over the years, we have optimized and expanded our production process, but we have never abandoned the age-old European traditions of craftsmanship when it comes to our floors.

Every single floor is hand-crafted and custom designed. Wider widths and longer lengths are what we pride ourselves on. This allows for the perfect look to create a surface with more panache and less seams. Legno Bastone products are more than just a floor; they become "Custom Designed Furniture for Your Floor." Legno Bastone wide plank flooring exclusively provides floors manufactured from wood of the highest quality, to ensure aesthetic looks and longevity.

In stock collection lines: Dolce Vita, European Elegance, La Famiglia, Vino.

Enjoy them, the beauty of the planks themselves-so astonishingly wide and long, you will look endlessly for partitions or joints where none can be found. The essence of the wood as you enter the room, the distinct deep resonance of your footsteps on the well-engineered wide planks and the soft sensation of the grains of wood as you gently touch the

Legno Bastone recommends only using a specialized professional installer to install your wood flooring, to ensure optimum performance and satisfaction from your flooring. Legno Bastone installation guidelines are intended to offer general guidance as it relates to Legno Bastone Hardwood Floors and are not a replacement for a professional. For best results

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