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Do you remember how much fun you used to have as a kid sliding around on your floors? Your home was your skating rink, and you were having the time of your life. That's why floors are more than just a floor. It's where your children and grandchildren take their first steps, where they grow and make memories that they'll carry with them forever. Family or no family, your floors should reflect beauty, quality, and a timelessness that carries on long after you leave your home.

With a fine wood finish, your beautiful new wood floors will transform your home into that special place you've been dreaming of. We make installing, sanding, and refinishing new floors easy and enjoyable. Our expert team will partner with you as you transform the look and feel of your home. From color and style choices to our precise hardwood floor installation, you'll have everything you need.

Since 1998, we have been the Knoxville area's top choice for hardwood flooring. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and expertise in providing superior flooring that exceeds your expectations.

Denton's Hardwood Flooring is a family-owned and operated business, which was founded by Frank Denton Sr. and his wife, Bobbie Jo Denton, in 1998. Prior to building their fast-growing business, Frank Sr. worked in the hardwood flooring industry starting in 1980. Together, they established a reputation built on excellent craftsmanship, knowledge, and

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, it's what we built our business on and what we pride ourselves in. We strive to have the best possible communication with our clients and build a relationship of trust and respect with one another. From the very beginning, when we first talk with you on the phone, until the moment you're looking at your

Hardwood Flooring installation and refinishing can be a daunting task for those who haven't gone through the process before. Dentons is here to help give you peace of mind and work with you through that process. We strive to make the entire project easy and effortless for each of our clients. This starts with us answering any questions you might have

Your floors influence your entire home's look and feel. Whether you are aiming for a warm and welcoming look, or a modern and elegant aesthetic, hardwood flooring can fit your style and space. They are a great addition to any home as they match all types of furniture, wall colors, architecture, and always look timeless. You can make your floors a reflection

Not all floors need a full re-sand. Our clean & coat service does just that! If your floors are dull and lifeless, let us come in and do a delicate surface sanding ( this can be done on engineered, prefinished, or sand-on-site floors). This process should remove any surface scratches. We can then apply the desired finish and sheen. In a lot of other

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