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C G Flooring CG Flooring Systems are leading international specialists in applied finishes, refurbishment and repair of industrial and commercial concrete floor slabs. Year on year we upgrade floors to meet the progressive demands of the evolving warehouse industry. As an industrial flooring contractor who are leaders in maintaining concrete floors, our tried and tested repair and refurbishment methods, combined with using premium products enable us to provide robust and durable repair systems.

A member of the global industrial flooring consortium, the CoGri Group, CG Flooring Systems has access to a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise for all warehouse / industrial concrete floor requirements. With todays modern technology in materials and machines, there is no need to pull up your old floor.

CG Flooring Systems was established in 2000 in response to significant demands from Concrete Grinding Ltd's (CG) existing clients requiring upgrading and repairing services, outside CG's narrow aisles area of expertise.

Concrete Grinding Ltd specialise in the upgrading of narrow aisle floors, using the revolutionary Laser Grinder System. There was an increase in enquiries from existing clients to consider the upgrading and repairing of floors, outside of the narrow aisles. This type of work required a completely different set of skills, equipment and understanding

We are international specialists in finishes, upgrading, refurbishment and repair of warehouse, factory and industrial flooring slabs. Our experience in the industrial flooring market sector enables us to give sound professional advice and offer the most suitable and cost effective technical solutions to industrial flooring requirements. We offer time

See our products in action. Watch the CoGri Rapid Mender repair concrete in just 15 minutes and return the floor back to traffic in only 30 minutes. The CoGri Joint Stabiliser can provide a quick, clean and easy cost effective solution to restoring positive load transfer at joints. Observe the simple 3 step process. The CoGri Group, a leading international

A concrete floor slab is the table top on which an operation performs and as such, it is often the greatest source of maintenance in busy warehouse and industrial environments. Impact damage from hard wheeled moving loads can take its toll on the slab, typically resulting in floor joint damage and surface defects. As well as operational wear and tear

The emergence of automated warehouses as the preferred option for e-commerce, fulfilment, and distribution operations, means that warehouse owners and managers must look to optimise their concrete floors for robotic systems. When you consider the hard wearing nature of concrete, it is ideally suited for commercial and industrial areas where a high performing

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