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Greenville Flooring Specialists are licensed and certified flooring installers of hardwood floors, carpet, tile and laminate flooring that will beautify your home. Started in 1999 by the father and son team of Josh and Brian Reid. Call us, the dedicated installation professionals, now. Your floors are one of the most important parts of a home and when our job is done you will love your new floor.

Call from 8am to 9pm during the weekdays and we'll set an appointment for your free estimate. Quotes are always 100% free with no obligation.

All the adequate, bad and the ugly flooring service providers are discovered in huge city yellow pages. Looking through a dozen pages is time consuming and the size of the ad doesn't suggest quality.

Some communications companies issue a smaller sized local directory, for the areas of the city and here you might find a local service provider with local references. If you live in a small town this could be all a moot point, though. You might have a little newspaper that is dispersed in your location.


People trust Greenville Flooring Specialists because of our years of experience and expertise in all types of flooring in Greenville SC. We can install hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tile flooring, and carpet flooring in homes, apartments, businesses, and nearly anywhere our customers can imagine. We cover the entire Upstate including Greenville

We take pride in providing the highest quality carpet installation services in Greenville SC. Our carpet technicians have years of invaluable experience installing carpet floors in rooms, halls, stairways, auditoriums, and more. There's nothing we can't carpet, and we get the job done right every time. Our carpet techs will be happy to help you find

Greenville Flooring Specialists provide some of the best hardwood flooring services in the Greenville area. We are proud to install a wide selection of hardwood flooring, as well as some basic information to help make the design and purchasing process easy. We can install all types of hardwood flooring including favorites like oak, maple, hickory, cherry

Laminate flooring is one of the most versatile flooring solutions on the market today. With its low cost and ease of installation, many people opt for laminate flooring to save both time and money. We have been installing laminate floors in homes, apartments, and businesses since we first started doing flooring. We've learned all the tricks along the

We have worked hard over the years to build up a good relationship with manufacturers of decos, inserts, listels, glass, and metallics, and highly styled tiles. We can provide you with a wide array of porcelain and ceramic tiles that are suited for any home and any style. After working with tile for so long, we've got a pretty good idea of what makes

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