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Success in any major home improvement project means having the right tools, products, resources, and partners at your disposal. Lakeview Flooring understands the big decisions that need to be made. With free estimates, we will provide you the necessary information and best options to ensure that your home looks beautiful for years to come. With many satisfied customers throughout the Arrowhead region, Lakeview Flooring is the company you can count on for outstanding craftsmanship and on-time service.

Serving the Duluth-Superior area as leading flooring experts, we have over 20 years experience as flooring professionals. We specialize in hardwood floor installation and refinishing using top-of-the-line dust-containment sanders and high quality finishes by Bona. We offer reasonable rates with seasonal and high volume discounts. Installing quality hardwood flooring will add beauty and value to any space and a great long lasting solution.

Find the finish that fits your style and taste. We will provide samples and pictures to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

The refinishing process begins with a thorough inspection. It's important for Lakeview Flooring to check the floors and ensure it is a good candidate for refinishing before starting the project. During this inspection, you will receive a full estimate so we can fully discuss all services and products as well as collectively establish all goals of the

Hardwood floor refinishing is completed for a variety of reasons. With time, the surface of the floor may start to simply wear down, water damage, new color to match updates, repair minor problems that may have developed over the years. Regardless of why you are refinishing the floors, Lakeview Flooring is a leading expert to making your old floors

How man times have you walked into your home wishing you had hardwood floors or the flooring under that old carpet could look new again? Lakeview Flooring specializes in hardwood floors and is focused on giving you the beauty in your home that you desire. Hardwood flooring is an investment. It can not only increase the value of the home, but with the

Hardwood flooring has been a desired choice of flooring for hundreds of years. But it isn't very often that this building material is given credit for its environmentally friendly properties such as heating and cooling benefits, affects on allergies, sustainability, and long term environmental impacts. Below are just three reaons to consider hardwood

Each floor/project is different. Lakeview Flooring tends to be booked 8-10 weeks out. It is essential to preplan to ensure projects are completed when desired. Projects such as installations or larger projects can take longer than expected as new wood needs time to cure in the home before installing. It is best to simply give us a call at 218-213-0633

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