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The Fantastic Floor Hardwood flooring has been the preferred flooring material for centuries in various parts of the world and has stood the test of time by virtue of its inherent durability and beauty. Hardwood is also easy to maintain and offers many health benefits since hardwood does not accumulate dust mites or mold, which serve as irritants to those with allergies and can cause chronic illness.

With the increase in global trade, consumer interest for new types of hardwood flooring, particularly in the United States, has increased substantially. This trend reflects consumer desire for more diversity of color and mechanical properties in the hardwood flooring options available to them. In response to this trend, suppliers in the hardwood flooring industry have broadened their product lines to include non-native wood species as well as domestic hardwood species.

At the Fantastic Floor, our exotic hardwood flooring line includes many of the most popular and beautiful woods from around the world, with particular focus on South American and Asian hardwoods.

A. Prefinished hardwood flooring is end and edge matched with a small micro-beveled edge and has up to 8 coats of finish including several coats which contain aluminum oxide; the aluminum oxide in the finish is what gives the factory finish its hardness. Prefinished flooring typically has a 25 year finish warranty. Unfinished flooring is also end and

At The Fantastic Floor, we offer a wide range of affordable hardwood flooring options, featuring all of the top wood species and hardwood brands. It's important to us that we keep our customers informed about their options every step of the way - and that includes cuts and grain patterns, which has a major impact on the appearance of the flooring. Below

At The Fantastic Floor, we offer a wide range of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and luxury vinyls and laminates. Whether you are searching for a specific species, such as American Cherry or Tigerwood, or have a particular flooring brand in mind, we're here to help. Our goal is to offer the best-quality affordable hardwood flooring on the market

Thank you for purchasing your floor with The Fantastic Floor. Please follow these installation procedures exactly to ensure the successful installation of your new hardwood floor. Please note that hardwood flooring manufacturers provide their own instructional materials for their products, and that these guides should be followed exactly and take precedence

The Fantastic Floor guarantees the original purchaser that the finish, defined as the total thickness of the urethane applied to engineered flooring will not wear through or separate from the wood in the course of normal residential use for a period of 25 years following purchase date. For as long as the original purchaser owns and/or resides in the

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