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Thanks for visiting our web page and considering Apple Floor Solutions to take care of your flooring needs. The owner of the Barnes home had been trying to sell the home but once the floors were sanded and refinished She told us that it was no time before the home sold. She said the floors made a big difference. Are you searching for a company that specializes in the restoration of hardwood floors and pays attention to small detail and offers value?

Are looking for the high quality service and a trusted company that is professional and reliable and that has business ethics? We offer this service, specializing in bringing back the beauty and luster to your hardwood floors, and to see a smile on our customers face knowing that all their expectations have been satisfied.

Our family has been servicing the Hampton Roads area and the surrounding areas of NC for over 50 years. Melvin started doing floors when he was 14 years old to help his mom with some income. Melvin has trained his 3 sons, grand children and my self all about the hardwood floor business. I have 3 children, 3 grand children and one great grand child.

In the past it took a long time to create all of the decorative floors you see in some old castles and heads of state buildings. Find some historical homes in your area of the country and visit them to see the benefits of having fine crafted hardwood floor in your own home. Creating the right atmosphere in the family home starts with the type and design

A customer who is an interior decorator told us that the floors we finished 7 years ago still look great. We used Waterlox finish on her floors. When the floors are sanded the dust comes up into the the cyclone and passes out thru the hose and goes into the steel drum where all of the dust is contained in a plastic bag. There is another Hepa Air Filter

We offer a variety of designs to turn your floors and walls into a work of beauty. Concrete floors can be made to look hardwood floors, tile and many other styles. Walls can also be transformed into stone, brick, tile and other designs in your choice of colors. These are the colors our customer choose. She found some engineered hardwood flooring with

A big concern for customers today is all of the dust that can be made by sanding their floors. Customers tell us that they remember the last time the floors were sanded and all of the dust they had to clean up for weeks. This is the number one reason for not getting the hardwood floors sanded and refinished. They are afraid of the Dust! In the past

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