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In Line Flooring Construction projects are demanding. We meet with you to understand your needs and to come up with a plan that meets your schedule and budget. We take care of your flooring needs by delivering the quality, service, and value you expect. At In Line Flooring, kuleana is more than just part of our job description; it is ingrained in everything we do.

We possess a sense of ownership, of active responsibility, of kkahi. Living pono, doing what we say, and blessing others is what guides us. Luke 12:48 says "to everyone whom much is given, much is expected." We strive to use our blessings to bless others in turn, whether they be our customers, our employees, or their families.

After graduating from high school, Ricky needed a job, so he began working for a flooring company. It was not what he thought he was going to do, but he quickly realized that he enjoyed it. Unlike other installers who cared more about lunch breaks or leaving the project early, he wanted to learn everything he could about installing tile. He asked questions

Our values reflect what is truly important to In Line Flooring. They do not change from day to day or situation to circumstance. They are the foundation of our company culture. We go beyond merely doing the job well; we look for ways to bring full satisfaction to our people and our customers. We deliver more by striving to be the best we can be. The

Carpet helps the acoustics in your space like no other flooring type. It prevents sound from bouncing around the room, keeping your conversations easy to hear and understand, and it prevents sound from traveling to the floors below you as well. Carpet provides comfort. You won't have anyone complaining about lower back or joint pain from standing on

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