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Floorcraft Nevada's dry climate poses unique problems for hardwood floors. Moisture makes wood swell, buckle and warp. Dryness makes wood shrink, causing gaps between planks. Woods that originate in wet climates or that are shipped through wet climates absorb moisture. This makes the installed product likely to shrink and show gaps after installation. Our planks are specially milled to match Nevada's dry climate by double air-drying and double kiln-drying.

Then they are stored in our warehouse for an additional period to ensure that the finished product is acclimatized to this region. Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used for years by hardwood manufacturers to cure finishes in the factory. Now the same technology is mobile, to immediately cure the finish in your home, on the job site, at your place of business.

Compare this to conventional coatings where curing times vary from eleven to thirty days-which allows for your floor to be damaged or to exhibit early wear or loss performance. Residents no longer have to sleep away from their homes while the odors dissipate and the floor dries enough to walk on.

A hardwood floor is an elegant and natural way to enhance your home or business. It has grown from an accent to now seeing it in hour homes, shops and restaurants. What a lovely way to add warmth and that special "something" to our lives and our living spaces! Now that hardwood has become affordable and popular, the choices are many and sometimes overwhelming

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