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Flooring Charlotte For any type of flooring replacement or install quote, give us a quick call at (704) 448-6709. Request Estimate Call for a free estimate for your new floor. We can advise you and recommend product types and manufacturers. Set Install Date Once you have decided on a flooring system, we will schedule an install date for your project. Dates and times will be suited to your schedule.

Flooring Install We will install your new floor according to your specifications, during a time that is least disruptive to your home. Rest Easy Sit back and relax, and enjoy your new flooring! Our work is warrantied and guaranteed for materials and workmanship. We offer top quality 3/4 hardwood floors in varying width and length boards, with a variety of wood species.

Laminate flooring, sometimes called engineered flooring, is an excellent choice for tough install areas. We have many types of fiber carpeting and any grade to make a perfect match for your home.

A favorite among many, solid hardwood is a common choice for high end flooring. Hardwood floors offer long lasting beauty with the ability to resurface and refinish to continue looking great for decades. Boards come in three-quarter inch thickness and you may select from a variety of widths. Some flooring products also offer boards with varying widths

From Berber, Frieze and Cut Loop to Textured Plush, carpet is easy on the budget, allows for a quick install and is easy to maintain. Our carpeting is made with Nylon, Polyester, Olefin/Polyproplylene, Triexta, or Wool, dependent upon product and manufacturer. Be sure to select a carpet padding that matches the quality of your carpeting. Not only does

Laminate flooring is an engineered product that consists of several layers of wood, glue and supporting materials. The plies, or layers, are aligned in a criss-cross pattern which enables the product to be much more stable with temperature and air humidity changes. Laminate is often a great choice for homes that cannot have a solid hardwood product

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