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American Epoxy Arizona American Epoxy Arizona, is home to modern epoxy flooring designs. We provide epoxy flooring installation services, that include removal of your existing flooring system, surface preparation and installation of your new coating system. By Installing a high performance coating for your commercial, residential, and industrial property you can guarantee a lifetime of use.

Some of our many customers include car dealerships, warehouse, light & heavy industrial parks, as well as residential homes and garages. We also service the entire United States.

We have ton's of color options for you to choose from depending on the type of flooring installation you are selecting to install. Defining your style in decorating is more then choosing a color. Colors convey emotion and meaning about a design's character. By creating natural assocations and making the floor fit the room you can make or break any well

Metallic epoxy can be used in all areas of your home or business. However we generially recommend that for high traffic areas where heavy industrual equipment maybe used or in commerical kitchens and fulfillment warehouses that you stick to a solid color coating, or a color chip coating. Well all of our epoxy flooring products are extremely durrable

Welcome to American Epoxy Arizona, home of the best epoxy floor installers Arizona and the USA has to offer. If you're looking for epoxy flooring in Tucson Arizona look no further then us. We provide an assortment of custom flooring solutions for businesses large and small, home interiors, garages and exterior concrete areas, industrial buildings, commercial

American Epoxy Arizona provides coatings, which are more durable than conventional tile or carpet flooring, slip resistant, virtually maintenance and odor free. Epoxy coatings are also used as a finish coat over repaired or patched concrete to provide an attractive uniform finish. Garage floors are tough to keep clean and dry. Grease, oils, solvents

An Epoxy Coating is the number one way to protect your investments. Our company also is an expert in special projects, from countertops/bar-tops, stools, tables, stairways, pool slides, special patio projects and much more. If you have something in mind just ask us and most likely we will be able to do it. Below is some picture examples of our work

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