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JP Wood Floor Service JP Wood Floor LLC has been in business since 2001 providing the best quality Wood Flooring work in the Houston and surrounding areas. He was honest about the possibilities and tempered our expectations instead of promising something that he couldn't possibly deliver. In prepping my home to be sold, JP Wood Service came and assessed a damaged piece of wood floor.

He very quickly proposed a solution, arranged the time to correct, was on-time and prompt and delivered the service. The huge scratch in my floor now looks brand new. He is excellent! John was on time and on schedule. He was very professional about his work. They used vacuums on their sanders to keep the dust down, and took time to clean up when they were done.

And the floors look incredible! He was honest about one room and told me the floor would never look good because of decades of water damage. Other vendors tried to talk me into paying for a "maybe". I appreciate John's honesty. I would highly recommend John. I hereby consent to having this website store my submitted information so that they can respond to my inquiry.

More often than not, homeowners tend to overlook the beauty, elegance and style that a fully repaired and refinished wood floor can bring to their home's interior. Whether it is the wood floor that you have enjoyed over the years or the base beneath your carpets, giving your floor a makeover or uncovering its hidden beauty reflects your own style and

If you are planning to revamp your home, one excellent option is installing quality hardwood flooring in Cypress, Texas. This material greatly increases your home's appeal by spicing up the usually dull and often neglected surface under our feet - the floor. Hardwood flooring may be a bit more expensive than carpets and linoleums but it definitely gives

If you have always wanted a stunning and low maintenance floor at home, then hardwood flooring is among the best choices. Hardwood floors last for decades, need minimal maintenance, and are cost-efficient in the long run. All you have to do is call for the help of licensed and experienced Katy hardwood flooring contractors and let them transform your

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