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Epoxy Flooring Austin With the rising popularity of DIY epoxy floor kits, installing beautiful epoxy flooring in Austin may seem easy. The truth is superior results require superior experience, equipment, and training. We take pride in our work with a dedication to providing the best in customer service and finished results. Our licensed, bonded epoxy floor contractors take the time to properly prepare your concrete before applying an epoxy floor coating.

We only use the best epoxy products for results you will love for years to come. One of the keys to our success is careful preparation of your concrete floor. Epoxy floor installation requires a smooth, dry concrete surface. Our installers will begin by properly filling the seams and cracks in your existing concrete. The surface will be ground until it's smooth.

All oil stains will be treated before we begin for flawless adhesion of your new epoxy floor. We serve residential and commercial customers with high-quality Austin, TX epoxy flooring installation.

Our concrete coatings in Austin, Texas are a multi-purpose solution to banish utilitarian, ugly, and dusty concrete for good. We offer a broad range of high-performance concrete floor coatings that turn concrete into attractive yet functional flooring that can withstand a range of hazards like extreme temperatures, vehicle traffic, spills, oil, and

We understand the unique needs of commercial properties when it comes to flooring. You need floors that are safe, clean, and slip resistant but they must also be attractive and long-lasting. Of course, it's also important to choose a flooring system with a low lifecycle cost and minimal maintenance requirements to keep your costs down. While other flooring

So, it has come time to renovate the flooring in your home or in your business facility. We have all been here before, time to listen to the run around of all the "helpers" at the local hardware store tell you about what flooring you absolutely need. This is an extremely painful process that will leave you rubbing your temples in frustration but, it

Few flooring systems are up to the challenges of a factory setting. Your factory floor may face intense heat, caustic chemicals, oils, forklift traffic, and heavy loads on a daily basis. An untreated concrete floor won't last in a factory without deteriorating and cracking and porous concrete is nearly impossible to maintain. Our factory epoxy flooring

Garage Epoxy Flooring is one of the easiest & most effective ways to transform your garage. Want to update the look and function of your garage while boosting your home's value? Garage floor epoxy is gaining in popularity throughout Austin, TX as more homeowners realize the benefits of this cost-effective and durable flooring solution. Garage floor

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