UAC Epoxy Flooring
UAC Epoxy Flooring UAC Epoxy Flooring offers a full line of floor coating and sealing products that comply with both Federal and local VOC regulations. UAC Epoxy Flooring specializes and installs for architects, contractors, building owners and managers for high performance solutions that meet their exact needs. Our coatings are available in a versatile palette of colors and finish options ranging from smooth, high gloss coatings to seeded systems that provide positive non-slip footing, increased thickness and improved durability.

We can create combinations of primers, coatings, toppings and sealers to create almost any effect. Whether Industrial or Artistic, UAC Epoxy Flooring coating systems provide the "state of the art" of high performance floors.

Weather your looking to freshen up your tired and stained garage floor or provide a clean, hygiene free environment for the kids. Our epoxy flooring products and solutions will allow you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing floor while proving to be much more cost effective than other floor products including tiles, vinyl, floor paint and carpet.

UAC Epoxy Flooring is a leading factory coating manufacturer and distributor providing coating and covering systems for residential and commercial applications. We offer a wide range of coating and covering systems to suit all your specific flooring needs. Our epoxy coating systems are easy and fast to install, and last much, much longer than any traditional

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