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Kalman Floor International Welcome to Kalman Floor Company, Inc., your one-stop industrial flooring contractor in Colorado. We produce durable, high-performing concrete floors at a price that won't break the bank. You'll enjoy our products' low maintenance costs, low cost of ownership, and high material handling speeds. Our company has received many awards that set us apart from ordinary concrete flooring companies in the country.

The Northern New England Concrete Promotion Association (NNECA), an organization committed to the expansion, development, and promotion of the ready-mixed concrete industry, has awarded us with the 2004 Excellence in Concrete Award. On top of that, we garnered a Construction Communications' Plaque of Honor in 2006 for our valuable contribution to the Safeway Distribution Center located in Auburn, Washington.

Since 1916 Kalman Floor Company has produced the world's highest performing, most durable industrial concrete floors you can buy with the lowest total cost of ownership, lowest maintenance costs, lowest equipment maintenance costs and highest material handling speeds.

Kalman has been building value since 1916. We know industrial concrete flooring systems. After all, we invented the category. We know what to spec and how to build them so that they last a long, long time. We have patents to prove it. Owners and users of our floors know our true value - lowest maintenance costs, lowest equipment maintenance costs and

What makes Kalman Floor Company unique are the dozens of industry-leading processes and products we've developed over our near-century of operations. Since 1916, Kalman Floor Company has served industries ranging from grocery distribution to waste management. We continually offer latest thinking so you get the most desirable, highest quality industrial

The Kalman Seamless Concrete slab combined with either Monorock monolithic, stone-densified surface finish or Absorption Process concrete floor topping has produced the most trouble-free industrial floors in the industry. Kalman Seamless Concrete slabs are created by blending proprietary expansive material, known as Kalman SC, with conventional concrete

The Kalman Monorock floor is a long lasting and durable floor finish for moderate duty industrial usage. The key to this floor is the way the cement-coated Monorock aggregate is incorporated into the surface of the floor. After a concrete slab is in place, but before it fully hardens, the surface is covered with abrasion-resistant aggregate and carefully

Kalman Absorption Process (AP) concrete floor topping is a thick deferred topping bonded to an old or new, previously hardened base slab. AP Topping is designed to provide trouble-free service in extreme industrial environments or where facility cleanliness is important. It is not unusual for these floors to provide more than 25 years of service in

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