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The Artist Of Wood Floors The beauty of custom is that there are possibilities for you in every room of the house. Whether your installation is with engineered or solid wood there are custom opportunities for all. Let us help you pick the right product for your application and then we will discuss the custom options for your particular installation. We can also provide you with and install new unfinished solid or engineered flooring to be sanded and finished on site.

This allows you to pick certain colors and finishes for your floor instead of the set colors and finishes offered by prefinished flooring manufacturers. 100% satisfaction guarantee- if you are not a 100% satisfied we will replace your flooring material at no cost. We are all about the details, the finishing touches - this is the stuff that gets us going.

In the flooring business, proper installation is paramount to your flooring's look, performance and longevity. So many things can go wrong without a professional and experienced professional on the job. For instance, if hardwood flooring is not acclimatized to the on-site temperature and moisture conditions in your home, it will nullify the warranty

Real wood flooring designed for applications over concrete flooring. This is structured with a real wood solid top layer and applied over a plywood or HDF core. This allows the product to be glued down or installed as a floating floor (wood floor planks attached to each other not the subfloor). Because of the construction and engineering of this product

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