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Scottsdale Travertine Polish has offered the best natural stone flooring services in Scottsdale, AZ for over 18 years. We sell a product, not a service and that product is a beautiful floor. Those who sell a service expect to be paid whether the desired outcome is accomplished or not. Choosing a flooring contractor can be a daunting task for anyone.

Quality is our #1 objective. We think our work speaks for itself but we'll let you decide. Contact us today to learn more about all of our polishing, sealing, repair, and travertine cleaning services.

Did you know that using an acid-based cleaning product for travertine or marble will damage your stone surface? Unlike porcelain and ceramic tile, travertine, marble and limestone tile cannot be cleaned with harsh chemicals. Our travertine cleaning process begins with masking off all appliances and cabinets. We use corner guards around the baseboards

Travertine polishing can be a difficult task that many people complete incorrectly. With our process, an initial assessment will be made to determine the current condition of the floor. Our travertine polishing involves the use of diamond abrasive pads. These pads come in a variety of grits. Finer, higher grits, produce a brilliant sheen but only if

Over time you may begin to notice your travertine tile developing holes. These holes are a natural part of the stone and are usually filled at the factory. Sometimes these holes "pop" leaving behind an empty space. In addition to our travertine cleaning and sealing, we employ a variety of methods for travertine repair, chief among them, a two-part epoxy

At Scottsdale Travertine Polish, we set ourselves apart from the competition by offering both a clear seal and a grout color seal option to our clients. The clear seal uses a solvent based penetrating sealer to seal the tops of the tile as well as the grout. The grout is almost always porous and WILL get dirty. The chances that the grout will clean

My wife and I recently purchased a new home (to us) which the previous owners had neglected to maintain the home. The travertine was dull, scratched, and even cracked in some areas. I contacted Shannon (the owner) and she went the "extra mile" to help us out on the timeline to when we needed the floor taken care of. Thank you again Shannon for making

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